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Digital. Effortless.


Effortless. Efficient.


Paperless. Powerful.


Every revolution starts with a small step. Take the first step today to eliminate paper..

Small steps bring big rewards. Join us today to eliminate paper across the retail ecosystem.

Meet klipit

We’re the world’s first blockchain-based paperless solution, changing the way retailers and customers interact. Totally safe, highly efficient, and endlessly customisable, klipit enables you to eliminate paper receipts and effortlessly plan, manage and track your expenses.

With klipit, you don’t just save paper – you help save the planet too.

Join the movement and download klipit from the Apple Store or Android Store today!

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Saving the
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Why klipit?

Few Reasons to choose klipit

Why choose klipit?

Paper receipts are unsustainable, coated with harmful chemicals, and non-recyclable. Millions of trees are lost each year to make them. They’re a hassle for customers to store, retrieve and manage, and cost retailers resources and money too.


klipit is the world’s first eco-friendly, blockchain-based paperless receipt system. It’s more than just a paper-saving app. It’s tomorrow’s sustainable paperless solution, available today.


Help eliminate paper receipts. Join klipit today.


Why klipit for customers

Effortless. Efficient. Eco-Friendly.

klipit is your all-in-one digital receipt storage, expense management and budgeting app. Never lose another receipt with our 100% secure, blockchain-protected system. Easily categorise spends, manage budgets and access unbeatable offers and vouchers from your favourite merchants. Save paper, reduce your carbon footprint and create a greener tomorrow for your children.

It’s time to make a real difference. Choose klipit today.

Why klipit for retailers

Digital. Seamless. Sustainable.

klipit is your end-to-end, digital-first solution to cut costs, manage resources better, and streamline receipt management. Stop spending on paper, ink and storage. Experience synchronised data organisation, management and retrieval, with total blockchain-based data protection. Build loyalty with bespoke vouchers and offers, and showcase your commitment to sustainability with a lower carbon footprint.

Stay ahead of the curve.

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Manage Expenses

Take control of your finances with klipit’s powerful expense management feature. Easily track and organise your expenses, ensuring you stay on top of your financial goals.

Track Spends

klipit simplifies expense tracking, allowing you to monitor your spending habits effortlessly. Stay informed, identify trends, and make informed financial decisions.

Store and Search Receipts

No more digging through overflowing drawers or losing track of important receipts. klipit enables you to search and retrieve receipts instantly to stay on top of returns, refunds and warranties.

Set Spend Limits

Set a spend limit and let klipit keep you on track. Receive notifications when you approach or exceed your budget, empowering you to make smarter spending choices.

Offers & Vouchers

Unlock customer loyalty and satisfaction with klipit’s voucher management system. Easily create and manage enticing vouchers that will keep your customers coming back for more.

Private Vault

Store select expenses in your Private Vault to exclude them from your monthly budget (e.g., gifts or confidential purchases). Access your vault at any time with additional security validation.

24x7 Assistance

We are here for you whenever you need assistance. Our dedicated support team is available around the clock to ensure your experience with klipit is smooth and hassle-free.

Blockchain Security

With blockchain technology at its core, klipit ensures the highest level of security for your receipts and personal data. Trust in our robust system to keep your information safe and protected.


By using klipit, you actively contribute to reducing paper waste and protecting the environment. Joining the movement helps save trees, conserve resources, and reduce pollution associated with paper production.


Venkat Reddy

Venkat Reddy

Founder & CEO

Mohammed Bulooki

Mohammed Bulooki

Co-founder & Shareholder

Bilal Merchant

Bilal Merchant

Co-founder & Shareholder

Asif Ahmed

Asif Ahmed

Co-founder & Shareholder

Ovais Merchant

Ovais Merchant

Co-founder & Shareholder