Smart & sustainable way
to elevate your retail business.

Behold the power of klipit

with klipit, you can:
  • Reduce overheads
  • Gain insights
  • Help protect the environment
  • Support the UAE government’s paper-free agenda
with klipit, your customers can:
  • Collect & store all your receipts in one app
  • Access your retail vouchers
  • Search for products purchased
  • Track & manage their spends


  • Cashier scans user’s klipit QR code

  • Retailer POS sends the receipt to the klipit server

  • Smart contract gets generated & receipt is added to blockchain

  • klipit server sends the receipt to the user’s klipit app

Supercharge your business to be part of a sustainable, efficient and customer-centric retail revolution.

    Environmental Responsibility

    Cost-Effective Operations

    Streamlined Sustainability

    Data-Driven Insights